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Tips To Save You Plenty On Maintenance Costs

Owning and maintaining a car can be one of the most expensive propositions that you will encounter in your entire life. Not only are you paying monthly payments and interest, but insurance (auto insurance), registration, and fuel are higher than they’ve ever been, since the beginning of time. These expenses are just part of the cost of owning a car, and are difficult to eliminate without taking on a lot of risk that could cost you in the long run. One great way to save money on your car is to do some of your own car repairs, especially those that don’t involve lots of tools and expertise. Let’s take a look at a couple of easy car repairs that almost anyone can do.

One of the first things that you want to do is write down the year, make, model, and engine size of your car and head on down to the auto parts store to find an auto repair manual that is fairly specific for your kind of car. These typically come in a paperback style and will run you less than $15, but they’re well worth every penny. Now you’ve got your manual, it would be a good idea to open it up and find the section on routine maintenance, then lift the hood of your car and locate all the different parts as they are mentioned in the manual. A couple of important things to find would be your air cleaner, oil filter, battery, windshield washer fluid, radiator, and oil dipstick. Take the time to read in the manual how to check each of these items to maintain their fluid levels and cleanliness, but also to acquaint yourself with their locations as well.

Changing your own oil, in most cars, is a fairly easy task to do and doesn’t require a lot of tools. Depending on the car that you have, and you should check your manual to see what it recommends, all you really need to do is safely lift your car off the ground with your jack and use jack stands to make sure it is secure and won’t fall. Then it is
very easy to just open the drain plug and allow the used oil to drain into a pan, while you are waiting you can loosen your oil filter with a filter wrench and put a new one on, according to the instructions, in just a minute or so. After that you merely need to replace the drain plug and refill your oil back up to the manufacturer’s recommendations. The last step before you start your engine is to double check the oil filter, drain plug and oil fill level to make sure everything is as it should be.

Replacing your own air filter is probably one of the easiest things to do on most cars. It is normally fairly accessible and can be reached and replaced without the use of tools. Once you pull it out and look at it, it should be fairly obvious as to whether it needs to be replaced depending on how dirty it looks.

Doing your own light maintenance work on your car can not only be rewarding to your self-esteem, but save you money on your car costs. Just knowing what each of the different components of your engine compartment are, put you ahead of nearly 90% of car owners today.

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Major Errors made by the Medical Profession

From healthy cigarettes to vehement promotion of the clearly incompetent pharmaceutical industry, doctors seem to be little more than advertisers for major corporations. We would like to hope that all these errors in their medical advice are purely mistakes and will be learned from.

Nevertheless, as consumers of the medical industry, it would be foolish for us to assume that our health is the primary concern of these professionals. Just like you and I they are picking up a paycheck, by any means necessary.

Light Up! Cigarettes are Fine — Someone said “Beneficial”

The Medical journals of the 1930’s were chock full of cigarette ads endorsed by prominent members of the medical profession— proof that cash can override a “professional” duty to investigate. At the same time cigarette manufacturers were making wild claims about cigarettes soothing sore throats.

Sounds a lot like the aggressive ad campaigns for the MMR vaccine ($99.99 per person) stating this will increase the health of your children. So why are children in the US presenting more health conditions than children in other countries?

Eat more Carbs and Less Fats — For a Slimmer Physique (1)“You are what you eat” so eating carbs makes you energetic and fats make you fat, right? That’s what doctors thought all the way up to the 60s and 70s. Studies have now shown that carbs will be stored as fat, while fats are actually more beneficial to the body.

We would have assumed that a vegetarian would be much thinner due to the absence of fats and proteins in the diet, nevertheless, the lack of these food types makes the body want them even more, causing stored fat supplies to be held onto longer.

Sunlight Gives You Cancer — and Vitamin D sure which creature of the night tried to have this ploy pulled, but sunlight is an essential part of human nutrition. Plastering on SPF 999 Sunblock each time you step out of the house is denying the body of vital Vit D.

Of course, the sun can burn, the sun is powerful and too much sunlight can cause severe skin conditions, burning and, yes, even cancer. Nevertheless, the damages of too little sunlight can be even worse.

The medical profession was once promoting the use of sunscreens and blocks until they noticed almost epidemic levels of rickets and other nutritional conditions in children across the US. Now they actually advise a good 20 minutes in the sun each day without sunscreen.